Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What makes natural alexandrite so expensive?

Supply and demand affects gemstone prices more than any other factor. Alexandrite is so expensive because it so rare and production has always been limited. Its historical association with the last of the Russian Tsars has created interest and allure. Everybody with an interest in gemstones seems to know something about alexandrite's unique history and the story has added to the stone's mystique. With a hardness of 8.5, alexandrite is an ideal gemstone, not only rare and beautiful but also hard and tough so it can be used in any kind of jewelry.

Example from - bluish green in daylight and purple red under incandescent light, the color change is exceptionally strong and attractive. The change is apparent without even changing the lights.

Alexandrites this large are extremely rare and this is a special stone. Although the clarity is not that good, this is a stone with character.

An antique setting might be the best way to set this stone. The cutting and proportions are good and the price is right. $3000 /ct. is a steal for an alexandrite this large!

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Pison Hawila said...

A Flux-Fusion Alexandrite, with a strange dot inside it, is about to sell by Its Ownner. The Characteristic is Faset Oval, 6.30 crt, light purple, Vitrous, Tranparent, white scratch,8-8.5 mohs,IR 1.770,Licquid Healing Feather, TW 4.2. sertificated By Indonesian Geologist and Gemologist.