Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hunting for Alexandrite Romance

I am so excited! I finally made the decision on which ring to get for my engagement. Being a slightly indecisive person – there is a lot of choice out there after all! And you have to remember (in theory) that this ring will be on your hand for the rest of your life. The decision on which ring is a pretty important one to get right. I really wanted an Alexandrite on my hand, as I love this stone, the colours of it and the history behind the stone.

Trawling throughout many Google searches I came across Khazar Gems which have some very good designs, although calling a ring ‘Product ID: n907’ doesn’t inspire romance to me, so I carried on my quest.

I found an Alexandrite site which has so much information about the stone and excellent stories behind Alexandrite’s origin, a must read if you are a fan of Alexandrite. From this site I came across David Wein on one of my search expeditions. Now here they let your imagination run riot with calling each ring something – like Anastasia or Siberia on My Mind, which conjures up all kinds of magic and romance to me.

Wow! I found the one for me ‘Alexander’s Choice’ I love it, I wanted a slightly darker colour green, so I contacted the website owner to see if could choose a darker colour to go into that design. The service centre was brilliant, incredibly helpful and sent me to their sister site which sells loose gemstones, so I could choose the exact stone I wanted.

The hunt was over, I’m ecstatic, I want it as quick as possible. All I needed now was my future husband to be to hand over his credit card – luckily it wasn't a problem as he loves it too (not that he had much choice to argue with me (ha ha).

All ordered and paid for, I waited in anticipation and counted down the days, which wasn’t long, as I choose my own alexandrite stone it took one week to arrive. Now that to me is pretty good service for an impatient person like me who wants thing immediately!

The parcel arrived and I had to promise my husband to be, to wait and not open it until the evening when he had a surprise evening planned for me. I was like a kid in a candy store and had memories of Christmas presents under the tree and trying to peel off the sellotape to get a peek at what was inside. I tell you, it was very hard for me not to rip open the envelope.

It was definitely worth the wait, what an evening to remember forever. I choose the right partner to marry, and I definitely choose the right alexandrite engagement ring. It fitted perfectly on my finger and the quality of workmanship was superb. To add to the surprise a pen light was in the box so you can see the colour change of the alexandrite stone. Amazing.

If your curious what my evening of romance was….. wait for the next installment when I’ll tell you what happened in detail and the magic that happened after the ring was put on my finger.
( Re-printed with permission from ring owner )

Thursday, August 6, 2009 Wins Top Honours with IMA's Best in Class Award

Multicolour Gems, a leading online retailer of loose coloured gemstones, diamonds and natural pearls announces receipt of the prestigious "Best in Class" Interactive Media Award in the "Reference" category for the Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia, an online guide and community dedicated to the promotion of alexandrite gemstones and jewellery.

Developed by NetComposite Ltd, a London based new media agency, and sponsored by and natural alexandrite jewellery designer, the Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia sets the new standard for a niche reference subject with the publication of the most comprehensive reference about alexandrite and includes never before published facts about alexandrite’s discovery and history. Its catalogue of natural alexandrite gemstones and identification reports has attracted attention from collectors, researches, jewellery designers, appraisers, and gemologists from around the world.

Written by a panel of experts, and designed with the latest technology, the Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia also features an innovative "Grade Score" along with snapshot reports to help visitors understand value of the chrysoberyl gem varieties.

"While the current economic recession has affected commercial jewellery and gemstone sales, some savvy investors have turned to rare collector stones or fine custom made pieces of jewellery to invest their money. Although many prospective buyers rarely know that alexandrite is among the rarest and most expensive of gems, sales of the best stones remain as strong as ever. The Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia was designed and written for people looking for reliable and accurate information about alexandrite whether they are trying to purchase a stone, or just trying to improve their knowledge and understanding of the world of alexandrite", - said David Weinberg, Director and Senior Gemologist at Multicolour Gems Ltd.

There is only one Best in Class award winner in the Reference category, and it represents the very best in content, planning, execution and overall professionalism. All of the judges for the IMA’s are distinguished professionals and evaluate web sites based on five criteria: design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance. The Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia excelled in all areas of the international competition's judging criteria, earning an overall score of 488 out of 500.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Alexandrite From the Bible

Alexandrite comes out of the Bible under a different name, but is ranked in value today with the "top four" in the highest quality of these gemstones. The Bible knows it as "chrysoberyl" and it is found in Revelation 21 (KJV has "chrysoprase"), for use in describing the glorified New Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven to earth.

This is the resurrection of all the saints, describing collectively their unveiled glory in the resurrection. This stone is perfect for describing the resurrection glory of the saints since like them, it changes color in refractive "flickers" as one changes the angle from which it is viewed -- like a rainbow.

This is the meaning of Joseph's "coat of many colors," and the rainbow of mercy in Noah's day. These are the "priestly robes" of righteousness in the Book of Revelation at the beginning: "This is a variety of chrysoberyl, like cat's eye, distinguished by a play. of colours which has earned it the name of "chameleon stone".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anastasia - beautiful alexandrite ring

Alexandrite ring value is determined by the kind of alexandrite set in it. Natural alexandrites are the rarest. This top natural alexandrite with a fantastic blue green daylight color from Inidan deposit is known for the beautiful daylight colors of its stones, but the color of this stone is exceptional and in a class of its own. Under incandescent light the stone displays a strong change to a lovely lavender purple. This stone is nearly round and is remarkably clean, bright, and very well cut. A stunning one of a kind alexandrite ring.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia

The goal of the Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia is to promote alexandrite and alexandrite gemstone traders and jewelers via establishing a comprehensive reference guide and an open community dedicated to alexandrite gemstones.

To achieve this goal, an in-depth research of the subject was conducted, which resulted in the creation of the most comprehensive reference guide, about alexandrite gemstones (including never published before facts on alexandrite discovery and history), glossary of terms, specialty articles, directory of all known findings of alexandrite, a list of common questions and reference directory of alexandrite gemstone identification reports.

Alexandrite engagement rings

An alexandrite engagement ring - is very nice choice. Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone and an excellent stone for the ring, but it can be expensive... and I mean a lot more expensive than any diamond ring. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend (and they defiantly should be side stones in your ring), but an alexandrite rings is something very very special.

Alexandrite is perfect for an engagement ring. Only problem is, top quality 1ct.+ alexandrites are extremely rare and often more expensive than diamonds.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Are there any other gemstones which change color?

In fact, several other well known gemstones, including diaspore, sapphire, garnet and spinel may also change color as a function of the light source but the color change of top alexandrites is distinctive and attractive under any light conditions.

Spinels sometimes show a blue to violet color change but the change is usually weak and the stones never look like alexandrite. Turkish diaspore is being sold under the name of Zultanite and higher quality versions of this stone shift from varying shades of green in daylight to a pinkish brown under incandescent light. Only sapphires and garnets can show any real resemblance to alexandrite.

Color change sapphires are basically known to occur in two types; the ones that change from blue to purple and the ones that change from green to red. The stones that change from green to red are the ones that can be confused with alexandrite and they only occur at the deposit in Songea, Tanzania.

However, it is the color change garnets especially the ones from Bekily in Madagascar that most resemble alexandrite. The stones are actually a mixture of pyrope and spessartite and can show several colors depending on the light source.

Although they look a lot like alexandrites they are different because they change color throughout the day. They are green or blue grey in the early morning and reddish in the late afternoon or in strong sunlight. Some of the stones are almost blue especially under fluorescent light but most of them are grey blue or green in daylight and change to red under incandescent or late afternoon light. The gemstones can show an excellent color change and can easily be confused with alexandrite.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Royal Spender - Alexandrite Splendor

Alexandrite was used in antique Russian jewelry and smaller stones were also occasionally used in Victorian jewelry from England. The few stones that are produced today are usually snapped up by collectors or mounted in special settings by designers.

These days, when it comes to jewelry with natural alexandrite, it is simply not available and since fine alexandrites are hardly ever available, it is too expensive for the general public to buy.

The only way to obtain fine jewelry with natural alexandrite was either through auction houses, estate jewelers or by hunting gemstone dealers for this rare gem - until now. Multicolour Gems, one of the most famous natural alexandrite gemstone suppliers, is now offering one-off fine jewelry pieces featuring this beautiful and rare gemstone through their online jewelry store.

It is mostly art deco and classic style rings, with fancy cut natural alexandrites set in white gold with diamonds, but having looked at Multicolour's selection of loose alexandrites - expect to see pendants and earrings in the future.