Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Royal Spender - Alexandrite Splendor

Alexandrite was used in antique Russian jewelry and smaller stones were also occasionally used in Victorian jewelry from England. The few stones that are produced today are usually snapped up by collectors or mounted in special settings by designers.

These days, when it comes to jewelry with natural alexandrite, it is simply not available and since fine alexandrites are hardly ever available, it is too expensive for the general public to buy.

The only way to obtain fine jewelry with natural alexandrite was either through auction houses, estate jewelers or by hunting gemstone dealers for this rare gem - until now. Multicolour Gems, one of the most famous natural alexandrite gemstone suppliers, is now offering one-off fine jewelry pieces featuring this beautiful and rare gemstone through their online jewelry store.

It is mostly art deco and classic style rings, with fancy cut natural alexandrites set in white gold with diamonds, but having looked at Multicolour's selection of loose alexandrites - expect to see pendants and earrings in the future.

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