Sunday, April 5, 2009

Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia

The goal of the Alexandrite Gemstone Encyclopedia is to promote alexandrite and alexandrite gemstone traders and jewelers via establishing a comprehensive reference guide and an open community dedicated to alexandrite gemstones.

To achieve this goal, an in-depth research of the subject was conducted, which resulted in the creation of the most comprehensive reference guide, about alexandrite gemstones (including never published before facts on alexandrite discovery and history), glossary of terms, specialty articles, directory of all known findings of alexandrite, a list of common questions and reference directory of alexandrite gemstone identification reports.

Alexandrite engagement rings

An alexandrite engagement ring - is very nice choice. Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone and an excellent stone for the ring, but it can be expensive... and I mean a lot more expensive than any diamond ring. Diamonds may be a girl's best friend (and they defiantly should be side stones in your ring), but an alexandrite rings is something very very special.

Alexandrite is perfect for an engagement ring. Only problem is, top quality 1ct.+ alexandrites are extremely rare and often more expensive than diamonds.