Monday, July 6, 2009

Alexandrite From the Bible

Alexandrite comes out of the Bible under a different name, but is ranked in value today with the "top four" in the highest quality of these gemstones. The Bible knows it as "chrysoberyl" and it is found in Revelation 21 (KJV has "chrysoprase"), for use in describing the glorified New Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven to earth.

This is the resurrection of all the saints, describing collectively their unveiled glory in the resurrection. This stone is perfect for describing the resurrection glory of the saints since like them, it changes color in refractive "flickers" as one changes the angle from which it is viewed -- like a rainbow.

This is the meaning of Joseph's "coat of many colors," and the rainbow of mercy in Noah's day. These are the "priestly robes" of righteousness in the Book of Revelation at the beginning: "This is a variety of chrysoberyl, like cat's eye, distinguished by a play. of colours which has earned it the name of "chameleon stone".

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