Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hunting for Alexandrite Romance

I am so excited! I finally made the decision on which ring to get for my engagement. Being a slightly indecisive person – there is a lot of choice out there after all! And you have to remember (in theory) that this ring will be on your hand for the rest of your life. The decision on which ring is a pretty important one to get right. I really wanted an Alexandrite on my hand, as I love this stone, the colours of it and the history behind the stone.

Trawling throughout many Google searches I came across Khazar Gems which have some very good designs, although calling a ring ‘Product ID: n907’ doesn’t inspire romance to me, so I carried on my quest.

I found an Alexandrite site which has so much information about the stone and excellent stories behind Alexandrite’s origin, a must read if you are a fan of Alexandrite. From this site I came across David Wein on one of my search expeditions. Now here they let your imagination run riot with calling each ring something – like Anastasia or Siberia on My Mind, which conjures up all kinds of magic and romance to me.

Wow! I found the one for me ‘Alexander’s Choice’ I love it, I wanted a slightly darker colour green, so I contacted the website owner to see if could choose a darker colour to go into that design. The service centre was brilliant, incredibly helpful and sent me to their sister site which sells loose gemstones, so I could choose the exact stone I wanted.

The hunt was over, I’m ecstatic, I want it as quick as possible. All I needed now was my future husband to be to hand over his credit card – luckily it wasn't a problem as he loves it too (not that he had much choice to argue with me (ha ha).

All ordered and paid for, I waited in anticipation and counted down the days, which wasn’t long, as I choose my own alexandrite stone it took one week to arrive. Now that to me is pretty good service for an impatient person like me who wants thing immediately!

The parcel arrived and I had to promise my husband to be, to wait and not open it until the evening when he had a surprise evening planned for me. I was like a kid in a candy store and had memories of Christmas presents under the tree and trying to peel off the sellotape to get a peek at what was inside. I tell you, it was very hard for me not to rip open the envelope.

It was definitely worth the wait, what an evening to remember forever. I choose the right partner to marry, and I definitely choose the right alexandrite engagement ring. It fitted perfectly on my finger and the quality of workmanship was superb. To add to the surprise a pen light was in the box so you can see the colour change of the alexandrite stone. Amazing.

If your curious what my evening of romance was….. wait for the next installment when I’ll tell you what happened in detail and the magic that happened after the ring was put on my finger.
( Re-printed with permission from ring owner )

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