Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alexandrite like phenomenal color change Garnet

Color change garnet is one of the most rare, interesting, and phenomenal of all gemstones. The color change can be intense and equal to the color change of top quality alexandrite and fine color change garnets can easily be mistaken for alexandrite. Some of the best stones are from the deposit in Bekily, Southern Madagascar. Stones from this mine are well known for their strong alexandrite like color change.

Change of color is not the same as the changes in color with crystal orientation that affects tourmaline and iolite, which are due to the optical property called pleochroism. Only rare tourmalines, garnets and alexandrite absorb certain wavelengths of light so strongly that in sunlight and indoor light they appear different colors.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alexandrite, Spinel and Diamonds Triple Eternity Ring

This triple eternity ring was initially created in the Victorian period. The meticulous engineering enables the interchangeable style to display a multitude of colors in a variety of combinations.

White gold alexandrite ring features red spinels from Burma, alexandrites from Brazil, and VVS diamonds from Africa. It can be worn as a single, double, or triple band and is ideal for special occasions or everyday wear.